Energy sector
Kenya’s energy demands continue to grow with the increase in economic activity. This growth is realized in all the three forms of energy that the country depends on namely petroleum, electricity and wood-fuel thereby creating investment opportunities in these areas.

There are opportunities in the petroleum industry which is the major source of commercial energy in the country at 87 per cent of the requirements. A number of oil producers have been licenced to search for oil in Kenya. As the search continues there are also emerging opportunities in the untapped bio-fuels market. Demand for supply of electricity has also been on a steady rise creating more opportunities since more kilowatt hours (KWH) are required in the national grid system.



Information and communication technology
Kenya offers one of the most developed ICT services in the region. This follows liberalization and improved telecommunication infrastructure. Currently fibre optic cables are being laid which will facilitate ease and affordability of communication.

There are both fixed and mobile telephone networks and wide computer coverage. This creates massive investment opportunities in this field of technology and other aspects of managing and processing information. Opportunities in the large information technology umbrella cover fields such as design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based or other forms of information systems.



Kenya is a beautiful country with a rich and unique culture, wildlife, landscapes, beaches and geographical diversity. It has a vibrant tourist industry which is by far the largest single export earner, raking in over U.S. Dollars 500 million in annual revenue. This sector is a growing industry that offers many excellent opportunities for investment. There are opportunities in eco-tourist and community wildlife and conservation ventures, hotels and restaurant business, tour operators, travel agencies, local air-charter companies, balloon operators, game ranches and other businesses. The industry is regulated by the Hotels and Restaurants Act and the Tourist Industry Licensing Act. We offer advice on investment opportunities and we assist in the application, issuance and renewal of various licenses and permits. We also offer general advice in tourism law and carrying out business in Kenya.



Future prospects and vision 2030
Kenya remains the biggest and most diversified economy in East Africa. Despite the dangers of external shocks the prospects for continued economic recovery look bright and the economy is once again on the road to rapid growth. From opinion polls, Kenyans are largely agreed with the general optimism and the foreign investors are not far behind. The Kenyan economy has brighter prospects today than it has had for two or more decades. A lot depends on the pace of the reforms which are now being implemented. Among these, creating an investment-conducive environment is of prime significance.

In 2004, the government appointed a team of eminent persons drawn from the public and private sector, the academia and civil society to the National Economic and Social Council of Kenya (NESC) to offer valuable advice on critical issues on the country’s overall development aimed at developing a long term vision for the country. The team was tasked with conceptualizing Kenyan’s long term vision, dubbed the Vision 2030.      




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